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So I was listening to the 2 Keto Dudes podcast and something Richard Morris said struck me as extremely important. There's a lot of heated debate in fitness and nutrition about “Calories In = Calories Out” – also known by the shorthand CICO. The basic premise is that: You lose weight if you eat fewer calories than you need.


Sep 17, 2017. 'I wouldn't recommend the ketogenic diet for weight loss,' expert warns.

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Jun 29, 2017. It's a special key to festes on join Richard Morris and I in a bunch of my friends as we turn the entire coastal town of New London, Connecticut. Ketogenic the weekend of July 15th and 16th get your tickets. Now it just follow the links to get the ticket. Hey, while you're there. Check out doctor.

Find and save ideas about 2 keto dudes on Pinterest. On my podcast, 2 Keto Dudes , Richard Morris and I talk about the great. Anyone who listens to my podcast, 2 Keto Dudes, which I do every week with Richard Morris, knows that my weakness used to be a certain tex-mex fast food chain which shall remain.

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Oct 12, 2017. My friend Richard Morris from 2KetoDudes and I did it together. We weren't sure we could. Now we have fasted three days once a month for over a year, sometimes more often. Known as the “Zornfast” on the ketogenic forum, both Richard and I have completed a ten day fast as well! Fasting has further.

Ketofest is sponsored in part by Keto and Co. Keto and Co’s mission is to make the ketogenic diet easy, low sacrifice, and well known by providing a growing line of.

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We are Carl Franklin and Richard Morris, a couple middle-aged dudes who reversed type 2 diabetes and got off medications by eating ketogenic. We started a podcast in February, 2016 to document Carl's journey. Richard had already corrected himself. The podcast took off and the dudes started a forum as a silo for all.

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Jul 1, 2017. Well, this is embarrassing. I was a guest on the 2 Keto Dudes podcast back in May and completely forgot to post about it. We talked about a few subjects, but mostly about the Fat Head Kids book. It's doubly embarrassing I forgot about the podcast, because hosts Carl Franklin and Richard Morris are two of.

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Daily Herald Paleo Diet In 1558, Italian nobleman Luigi Cornaro restricted himself daily to 12 ounces of food. Read more Tom Brady’s anti-inflammation diet — would it work for you? The. Michael Edwards Teach Aerobics Bloomington Indiana Ovaltwo – Managed Websites. The Community Unit District 300 school board has named the new principals. elect Michael Bregy’s leadership team. Having

Oct 15, 2017. In a recent Facebook thread Richard Morris of 2 Keto Dudes fame said: The lipophobics and the aminophobics are both talking past each other at strawmen. The hysteria is not just humorous, it's confusing and turning away novices. This phony controversy causes people to recommend insane amounts of.

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