Paleo Diet Based Off Holocene Epiochj

Hamburg said that while the amount of trans fats in the country’s diet has declined dramatically in the last decade, they "remain an area of significant public health concern." The trans fats have long been criticized by nutritionists, and New.

We’re no longer in the Holocene epoch, they say. We’re now well into what they are calling. is out with a new paper that leads off with a provocative question: "Are Humans Now Overwhelming the Great Forces of Nature?" The paper,

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But of more concern is the fact that the meat-based paleo diet is ethically problematic, being both environmentally and socially unsustainable. In short, it is a highly individualistic approach to eating, available only to the well off. It is a.

European Paleolithic subsistence is assumed to have been largely based on animal protein and fat. no images were found The Reuters piece takes a shot at the Paleolithic diet: The researchers said their findings throw humankind’s.

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Earth’s moon wandered off its original axis about 3 billion years ago. “If the water distribution is indicative of ancient lunar poles — called paleo-poles — it suggests the Moon tipped over, or re-oriented, sometime in the past.”

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