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The Hook Grip. MILO and IronMind readers all know how important a strong grip is in lifting things. Here I want to discuss how you can grab and hold on to barbells, dumbbells, and other things that require a strong, secure grip even better by using the hook grip. The hook grip is where you push the palm of your hand tight.

Jan 19, 2015. In the military press, the best position is where the forearms are directly under the barbell with a full grip (hand closed around the bar) instead of a fingertip grip. For the push press, If, however, you continue to have trouble holding onto the barbell, I suggest that you learn the hook grip. HOOK GRIP 1.

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Sep 18, 2016. hook grip technique Get your Hook Grip right and you will improve your lifts. There are only two Olympic lifts that meet true Olympic-standards, The Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. In both of these exercises, the hook grip is designed to stop the barbell from turning while gripped in the hands. The nervous.

Aug 28, 2016. by Fred Lowe, 3x Olympian. It doesn't matter who we are; we all have similar ( often identical) problems and challenges in life. If we are trying to snatch or clean a barbell, the movements themselves dictate the universal challenges associated with these lifts. When we execute the snatch or clean from the.

Oct 30, 2011. When you start feeling sorry for yourself, just remember that there are 56 kg (124 lb) men who snatch and clean with the hook grip on the same 28 mm barbell that the rest of us use. Halil Mutlu snatched 138 kg at 56 kg. If someone with hands that small can hold onto a weight that big with a snatch grip, you.

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Video Transcript: Greetings everyone and welcome back to another informative video blog from MSP Fitness. Today we are going to be discussing the use of hook grip. First, we'll cover WHAT hook grip is. Then, we will go into WHY you might use hook grip versus a standard grip, alternating grip, or any other barbell grip.

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A dumbbell is a short barbell, usually 10 – 15 inches long. Dumbbell exercises are performed with a dumbbell in each hand. Most gyms have a dumbbell rack that has an.

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In Olympic weightlifting, the hook grip is a method of holding a barbell by gripping the thumb between the barbell and the remaining fingers. It can be used in multiple weightlifting events, including the snatch and the clean and jerk. It can also be used in powerlifting, in the deadlift, for example. When used in the deadlift, the.

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